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Goods and Service Terms and Conditions

Additional Charges Passenger requested use of - motorway tolls; any out of pocket expenses and/or any other surcharges not included in the estimate may also apply to the final price.

Budget Chauffeur Drive's Cancellation, Change and No Show Policy For reservations in Australia, a change fee or late cancellation fee with-in four (4) hours of the scheduled pick up time the full fare will be charged (this may vary from city to city) a fee of $66.00 AU will be charged to all transfer reservations changed or cancelled within 24 to 4 hour minimum time prior to the scheduled pick up time in the city of service (this may vary from city to city). For all other countries, the applicable transfer rate applies. For hourly service, in all other countries, the change or late cancellation fee is equal to the hourly minimum.* e.g. applicable minimum hire 6 hours full fare.

A no show fee equal to the hourly minimum or transfer rate as applicable for the confirmed vehicle plus any airport tolls, fuel surcharge, motorway tolls, parking and other charges will be charged if the passenger does not arrive, as scheduled, at the agreed designated customer or chauffeur meeting location for all reservations.

To avoid a late cancellation or no show fee, the reservation must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted in your confirmation or itinerary. To do so you may either call 0428 283 438 [0428 BUDGET] with-in Australia or from outside of Australia + 61 411 715 974 or cancel your reservation on-line at

If you experience difficulty locating the chauffeur, please call the Service Provider telephone number listed on the email confirmation. Leaving the pick-up location without notifying Budget Chauffeur Drive will result in a no-show charge.

Applies to all reservations where the pickup location is within the local city metropolitan area. The local city metropolitan area is defined as within 40 Kilometres of the CBD (central business district) or city centre. All services outside the local metropolitan area may be assessed the actual drive time to/from the pick-up location.

Budget Chauffeur Drive may wavier the cancellation fee in the event of circumstance beyond the control of the passenger.

Special Event Change and/or Cancellation Policies may supersede Budget Chauffeur Drive's standard Change and Cancellation Policies and are noted on confirmations.

Waiting Time - Airport Transfers All airport transfers allow for reasonable wait time due to flight and baggage delays. If the customer requests additional wait time at either the pickup or destination location, it will be added to the transfer rate, which will be the hourly rate of the vehicle charged at fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Waiting Time - Non-Airport Transfers Customers are permitted ten (10) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time. Wait time beyond the ten (10) minutes will incur the transfer fee plus the hourly rate charged in fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Rate Estimate Rates prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved. Waiting time where/if applicable and/or any additional services may change the final price.

Exchange Rate Any quoted rate is based on Australian dollars ($AU) and the exchange rate in effect at the time of booking.

Child Safety Seats For safety reasons and the applicable countries laws governing child safety in motor vehicles the customer should provide the estimate weight and age of children less than 4 years. Budget Chauffeur Drive does provide weight appropriate equipment, baby capsule, child safety or booster seats for a nominal fee to cover the cost, pickup and return of the equipment to nearest storage location. However, customers may provide and install their own baby capsule, child safety or booster seats.

Lost or Misplaced Items Please note that Budget Chauffeur Drive assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items left in any vehicle. Lost property is stored at the local branch office, every attempt to locate and contact the owner is undertaken, but the onus for collection remains the customers.

These terms and conditions may be in addition to, or form part of terms and conditions relating to other product, goods and/or services.

Wedding Vehicles Terms and Conditions

  1. It is a condition of the application that you read and understand the terms set out in the application, should you require additional information or you do not understand any aspect of the application please contact your local Budget Chauffeur Drive office 0428 BUDGET (283 438)
  2. All details should be completed on the application or ruled out if not applicable. The more information provided the better we can serve you.
  3. All weddings are calculated from the first point of pick up to the final point of drop off within the metropolitan area of our local office. A minimum of two (2) hours is required on all wedding bookings.
  4. Weddings outside the local metropolitan area may attract a surcharge based on a time and kilometre basis, and you should confirm a quoted price prior to completing this application for reservation.
  5. Budget Chauffeur Drive will only hold a tentative booking for fourteen (14) days. A booking fee of not less than 50% is required with the application to confirm bookings. The balance of payment is required no less than thirty (30) days prior to the planned wedding date.
  6. Please note that any overtime after the specified duration of the wedding will be charged in quarter hour intervals at the appropriate hourly rate for each vehicle. Cash or a credit card is an acceptable method of payment on the day.
  7. All prices are subject to change without prior notice, however if a booking has been confirmed and a deposit has been received, then the agreed rate will apply. Overtime will be charged at the rates current to the day.
  8. A cancellation fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the total charter per vehicle will apply if the bookings are cancelled within thirty (30) days of the wedding date. A refund of monies will be given for cancellations notified more than thirty one (31) days prior to the planned wedding date, less an administration fee of twenty five dollars ($25.00). Special consideration will be given for any circumstance beyond the control of the customer.
  9. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and/or relevant taxes where applicable.
  10. All vehicles are supplied with white ribbons and decorations such as tulle, silk floral arrangements, and/or dolls. Should you require specific decorations that are not available in our selection then those items will need to be supplied by the customer twenty four (24) hours prior to the wedding date. In the case of coloured ribbons for vehicle fronts a minimum of eight (8) metres is required.
  11. The Customer agrees that Budget Chauffeur Drive will not be liable in damages to it for delays or non-performance arising from the goods and/or services not being available for reason; cause by force majeure; and/or sufficiently inclement weather; and/or any other delay or cause outside the control of Budget Chauffeur Drive supplying the goods and/or services, Budget Chauffeur Drive will provide simular or upgraded goods and/or services should the need arise out of circumstance beyond the control of Budget Chauffeur Drive.
  12. These terms and conditions specifically relate to wedding vehicle/s application form and may be in addition to, or form part of terms and conditions relating to other product, goods and/or services.
  13. All correspondence will be posted to the postal address provided on the wedding vehicle/s application form.